Competency to Stand Trial Evaluations

The Clear View Counseling Center assists the legal community by providing comprehensive, empirically validated forensic evaluations and psychological consultations. 

What is Competency to Stand Trial?

The assessment of an individual’s competence to stand trial is the most common forensic evaluation performed in the United States. In 10%-15% of all cases, defense attorneys have doubts about defendants’ competency. A competent defendant is a requirement of our criminal justice system because it reflects dignity of the legal process, the accuracy of adjudication, and respect for the autonomy of defendants.

What to Expect?

Competency to stand trial evaluations may involve a comprehensive review of all relevant records, one or more psychological interview sessions with a forensic psychologist, and psychological testing and assessment in order to provide unequivocal decisions regarding an individual’s competency to assist counsel and aid in his or her own defense, and his or her ability to make important decisions that arise in the course of adjudication such as how to plead, considering plea agreements, and strategy of defense.


Competency to stand trial evaluations are not mental health interventions.  Because of this distinction, forensic evaluations are not covered by health insurance policies.

Forensic Interview Fee:                                                                                                          $200/hr
Testing Materials Fee (if needed):                                                                                        $200
Testing Sessions (if needed):                                                                                                 $175/hr
Scoring, Interpretation, & Report Writing:                                                                        $150/ hr
Medical Records Review (prorated in 15-minute increments):                                     $100/hr
Collateral Contact Correspondence (prorated in 15-minute increments):                  $175/hr

Because each case is different, it is difficult to predict the amount of testing needed prior to your initial appointment.

About Dr. Manejwala:

Dr. Raisa Manejwala is a licensed psychologist in the State of Maryland. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland and a Doctor of Psychology degree from La Salle University in Philadelphia.

Dr. Manejwala has extensive formal training in the field of forensic psychology culminating in a prestigious post-doctoral fellowship at Central State Hospital in Virginia.  There, Dr. Manejwala conducted competency to stand trial and sanity at the time of the alleged offense(s) forensic evaluations for criminally charged adults in a maximum-security unit.  In addition, she performed violence risk assessments and conducted clinical interviews for patients who had been acquitted as Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI). 

In addition to her forensic evaluation work, Dr. Manejwala has also worked to provide mental health treatment interventions to criminally committed populations.  She has experience leading competency restoration classes and providing cognitive-behavioral therapy to reduce dynamic risk factors, increase victim empathy, and develop anger management skills in an inpatient psychiatric hospital for civilly committed adults.  Dr. Manejwala has experience working with juvenile offenders, sex offenders, and individuals with low cognitive functioning.

Dr. Manejwala enjoys exploring the intersection where psychology and the law meet and collaborating with the justice system.