Emerson Hurajt

Emerson Hurajt
Mental Health Counseling Intern, University of Baltimore
Masters in Applied Psychology Program, Counseling Concentration

Hurajt Photo

Emerson Hurajt is a graduate counseling student who is passionate about using research-based practices to encourage change and healing of the mind.

In 2019, Emerson graduated with a bachelor’s in psychology from Salisbury University. During their time in undergraduate studies, they focused their skills on being a student researcher, centering on experiments that incorporate art and personality. Emerson also has experience as a teaching assistant. This experience gave them insight into the struggles of young adults and older adults on a transitional life path. The skills and information learned through these experiences inspired them to pursue a career in counseling.

Currently, Emerson is attending University of Baltimore’s Applied Behavioral Sciences program, with a specialization in Mental Health Counseling. They have a focus in treating transitional youth and adults who struggle with work-related stress, mood disorders, gender and sexuality issues, trauma, women’s issues, and other life issues.

Emerson believes that healing and growth are necessary and invaluable experiences in life and feels grateful for the opportunity to be able to guide those who want to make lasting changes in their lives.