Re-Opening FAQ’s

1). Can I continue with tele-therapy appointments? 
The Clear View Counseling Center will continue to provide tele-therapy treatment.  It is important to note that not all diagnoses or presenting issues respond to tele-therapy as well in-person therapy (ex: play therapy, some couples therapy, etc.).  Check with your clinician regarding appropriateness for continued remote treatment.  

2). Will my health insurance continue to cover tele-therapy?
Maybe.  It is important to note that during COVID-19, all health insurances temporarily allowed for tele-medicine coverage.  Not all insurances regularly cover tele-therapy.  If your insurance does not cover tele-therapy, you may elect to self-pay for tele-therapy sessions. You can find our fee information here.

3). How do I know if my insurance covers tele-therapy?
Call the number on the back of your insurance card to inquire about member benefits or ask your clinician to verify your tele-therapy insurance benefits.

4). What is the Clear View Counseling Center doing to prioritize patient safety for in-person therapy?
Please visit the COVID-19 Safety Measures Page the on our website for detailed information.

5). What are the new touchless check-in procedures? 
Please stay in your vehicle and contact your clinician upon your arrival.  She will then respond and invite you into the office.  Go directly back to her office.  If this is your first time at Clear View, your clinician will meet you in the waiting room and walk you back to her office. For more detailed information, click here.

6). What if I do not know my clinician’s contact information for touchless check-in?
Please visit the Contact My Provider page on our website.   

7). I have an appointment scheduled today but I am experiencing symptoms that may be related to COVID-19.  What should I do?
You may keep your appointment as a tele-therapy appointment. You may also cancel without incurring a late cancellation fee.  Please self-quarantine for 14 days or test negative for Coronavirus before returning to in-person sessions.

8). What happens if I forget to bring my mask to my appointment?
According to Anne Arundel County law, masks are required to be worn at all times in places of business. 

9). I have a positive antibody test.  Do I have to wear a mask at the Clear View Counseling Center?
For now, the answer is yes. There are too many unknown variables with respect to our knowledge of Coronavirus immunity.