Social Media Policy

We do not accept “friend” requests or similar connections with clients, or their family members or friends, on social media. This is to protect your confidentiality and privacy. If you would like to “Like” our professional Facebook page or “Follow” us on Instagram or Pinterest, you may do so at your own risk. Please note that this is not a way to contact us, especially in an emergency.

If you would like your clinician to review your (or your child’s) social media interactions as part of our therapeutic work, please print what you would like us to review and bring it with you to session. Even if your or your child’s social media accounts are public, we will not examine them without your specific consent and direction.

Please note that any social media apps you use may seek to connect you with your clinician or with other visitors to our offices, through a “people you may know” or similar feature. We have no control over apps that may intrude on the privacy of your treatment in this way. If you would like to minimize the risk of others becoming aware of your connection to us or this office, please make use of the privacy controls available on your phone. Turning off a social media app’s ability to know your location, and refusing it access to your email account and the contacts and history in your phone, can help protect your privacy and confidentially.