Tony Minetola, LMSW

Tony Minetola, LMSW
Licensed Master Social Worker

Minetola PhotoTony Minetola is a graduate from the Masters of Social Work program at Salisbury University. Mr. Minetola has 4 years of experience as a mental health nurse in inpatient settings in Maryland. He spent two years working in a dual diagnosis unit in the Sheppard Pratt Health System, where he assisted a treatment team serving individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders. Following that, he has spent the last two years as part of the team at J. Kent McNew Family Medical Center under Luminis Health AAMC, where he has worked as a psychiatric nurse helping clients with a broad range of mental health issues. In addition to working one on one with patients in these settings, he has guided group meditations and talks related to exploring self-awareness and understanding difficult feelings and thought patterns.

Born and raised in Annapolis, Mr. Minetola earned a bachelor’s degree in religious studies from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, which allowed him to study Buddhism and other eastern approaches to understanding the mind, applying practical wisdom, and cultivating compassion. He obtained his bachelor’s of nursing degree from the University of Maryland. Mr. Minetola’s long-standing interest in the nature of the mind and in the cultivation of self-awareness and compassion eventually developed into an intention to practice psychotherapy. Although he is familiar with the psychiatric approach to treating mental disorders, he feels it is more supportive to take a holistic approach which is flexible and can include different treatment modalities. In addition to being familiar with widely used therapy practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy, Mr. Minetola views mental health through a transpersonal lens, or a “psychology of being,” to borrow a phrase from Maslow. In short, the essential self is connected to an unlimited source of being and creativity, and healing trauma reconnects us to this source. Internal Family Systems therapy fits especially well with this integral approach, and Mr. Minetola often encourages others to show themselves the same kind of compassion endorsed by IFS, while tapping into the courage to deeply explore one’s inner landscape. Having much personal experience with the mind-body connection, Mr. Minetola also incorporates somatic practices which provide grounding and support the individual’s awareness of their bodily energy.

Mr. Minetola recently married, and helped his wife open an acupuncture practice in Annapolis. He is a co-parent to two wonderful, unique teenagers. He enjoys being out in nature, healthy living, and exploring insightful ideas about how people can thrive, individually and in connection with others.