Teletherapy FAQ’s

Teletherapy FAQ’s

Q: What is teletherapy?
A: The short answer is: It’s just like regular therapy. The American Psychological Association defines tele-mental health as, “The provision of behavioral and/or mental health care services using technological modalities in lieu of, or in addition to, traditional face-to-face methods (e.g., provision of therapy using the phone, diagnostic interviewing via video teleconferencing, etc.)”

Q: Is online therapy successful?
A: Research has shown teletherapy can be as effective as traditional therapy.  Therapy always has limitations in what it can accomplish, and there is no guarantee that therapy will be successful in helping you to achieve your goals.  It is important for you and your therapist to discuss your therapy goals and determine together whether or not teletherapy is helping you accomplish these goals.

Q: Does teletherapy comply with established standards?
A: The American Telehealth Association has developed protocols for telehealth as have most insurance companies.  Clear View Counseling Center telehealth services meet or exceed these established standards.

Q: How do you maintain confidentiality and privacy of teletherapy sessions?
A: Clear View Counseling Center clinicians utilize only HIPAA-approved video conferencing platforms with established protocols to assure that all communication is confidential.  Clear View also takes precautions to make sure all communications are conducted in a secure and confidential manner.

Q: How much does teletherapy cost?
A: There is no difference in cost between in-person therapy and teletherapy. Like traditional face-to-face therapy, teletherapy can vary depending on the coverage you have with your insurance provider.  Most insurances charge a copayment for teletherapy just like traditional therapy. Our scheduling staff will assist you in determining your benefit, so you are aware of charges before your first appointment.

Q: Will my insurance cover teletherapy?
A: Maybe. Many health insurances provide coverage for teletherapy that is equivalent to in-person therapy costs.  Unfortunately, not all insurances provide teletherapy coverage.  Please contact your insurance provider prior to engaging in teletherapy to ensure coverage.

Q: What equipment will I need?
A: You will need one of these:

  • A computer with a webcam and internet access, or
  • A mobile device or tablet with a webcam and internet access.

Before your first teletherapy appointment, make sure you test your set-up ensure a working connection.  Reach out to your provider directly with any questions.